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Item :

Moveable Barrier

Prevent accidents between your personnel and forklift truck

Main usages :
- Division between pedestrian and truck aisles
- Guide your personnel to walk on designated aisles
- Protect operators work areas
- Prevent people from crossing truck aisles without precaution

Advantages :
- Very easy, fast and flexible installation (no holes in the floor). Light weight before filling
- Outstanding visibility (very high and long-lasting colours)
- Low cost compared to metal products
- Almost unbreakable under normal usage
- Each element weighs 36kg when full of water. Being assembled to others, the shock absorption is excellent without damage to the floor or the truck
Barriers can be assembled with an angle (up to 90°) next to each other conforming easily to any layout
- In case of a shock, barriers are just displaced without being damaged and are easy to put back in place
- Layout modifications are really easy and do not require making holes in the ground, thus avoiding damage
- High density polyethylene, rust and maintenance free, 100% recyclable
- UV stabilised for interior and exterior use
- Thanks to its design, most forklifts will ultimately touch the base of the barrier which will eventually move and not tilt over
- Barriers are designed to be moved by transpallet or forklift truck

Caution :
- Barriers must be filled with water or sand to be heavy enough to be effective
- Barriers will not stop heavy trucks
- Barriers are not designed to avoid people falling, they are not parapets

- Colours : red, yellow, black. Other colours on request for orders above 100 pieces. Contact CMI
- Base equipped with adhesive sticking to flat floors, enhancing stability

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